Our Story

Twenty years ago, a vibrant and brilliant young journalist whilst going about his duties, made friends with some street boys in the streets of Mombasa. He left and went back to Nairobi, a few weeks down the line, he got a call from his new street friends informing him that a young girl aged five had lost her mother, and the only family she had left was her little brother who was a few months old. This young girl was walking along the streets of Mombasa looking for food to feed herself and her younger brother. Unbeknownst to her, her brother had died out of hunger. Anthony’s friends called him, he came to mombasa picked the girl and from there on, a fire was born in him. A fire to give love where none has been known, to  fight for the powerless, to bring justice and fairness to children who are vulnerable, neglected and have no voice of their own.

He sought likeminded friends who helped set up a centre of Trust, a centre one can believe in MUDZINI KWETU CENTRE TRUST.


The organisation began its operations in August 2003 and has up to date developed a piece of land in Kikambala where 45 girls ranging between 1 year and 18 years are accommodated. 5 are in university and college, 14 are in high school boarding,  23 are in Mudzini School ranging from KG1 to class 6, and 3 babies who are yet to start school due to their age.

Our Motto

Justice & Welfare for Women & Children

Our Dreams

To replicate what we have started in Kilifi county in the entire Nation of Kenya

Our Commitment

We are committed to Fight for Justice and welfare of Children & Women by:

  1. Providing a loving home , feeding and clothing for the children under our care;
  2. Educate the children to the highest attainable standards under the sky, to equip them with proper skills and set them into the world, where they shall be bold ,stand strong and stand out to be counted as the best of the best .
  3. Provide a justice and resource centre where our children learn to research on existing laws and policies & formulate legal and social justice frame works that are beneficial not only for them but for the entire community and in a broader spectrum the whole nation.
  4. Provide the best health Services all round to our children and to the entire community.
  5. Giving back to the society by educating needy children within 2km radius of the Mudzini homes & Schools.

Our Vision

To see Justice, Dignity and celebration of basic life by all Children.

Our Mission

To Bring Justice and Dignity to Children through God’s Provision in Skilled and Compassionate Persons.