Project: Boys Home

Mudzini Boys Home - In Progress

Whereas the girls home has concentrated its effort and energies towards the girl child, we appreciate that the society is comprised of both male and female gender. As such, it is imperative to bring up an equal generation of men who will advocate for the cause of justice for themselves, the girls and a society as a whole hence the Boys Home.

Its a project underway with the intention to build a 3 storey building that will be able to accommodate 100 boys. in line with our established policy, we shall identify young children of male gender aged 6 and below who are either totally orphans, have no easily identifiable guardians, vulnerable children and street children who need care and protection.

The Home’s programs and activities will be to provide an opportunity for the children to attend Mudzini School, local secondary schools, develop self-esteem, and experience trusting relationships with peers and adults. Our programs will focus on enhancing each child’s ability to function successfully in society with attention to accountability and community safety.