Projects: Mudzini School

Mudzini School - Complete

Mudzini Kwetu Centre Trust is the proprietor and owner of Mudzini School. The school is an independent primary school in Kikambala, serving students from KG 1 through Class 8. MS is one of the finest schools in Kenya, offering an exceptional academic program that prepares graduates to attend the best local curriculum secondary schools and international schools.

The mission of Mudzini School is to offer an academically rigorous primary education of the highest quality, ensuring that our students achieve excellence in all that they endeavor. Founded on the best practices and curricula in local and global education, the MS program prepares students who are confident and knowledgeable learners who embrace challenges.

Mudzini School population is comprised of 2/3rds fee paying students and 1/3 fully sponsored students. It is intended that the financial profits emanating from the proper management and running of the school shall also be geared towards provision of financial and economic support of the homes, the farm and running of the Justice Centre. For more information visit